Hen & Chickens, London, March 2015. Part of ‘Particulars’ by Pivot Theatre. Directed by Francesca Murray-Fuentes. Cast: Lucy Farrett, Nic Lamont, Hayden Wood and Chris York.

The Vaults, London, March 2017. Part of ‘Let The Write One In’ by Front Of House Theatre. Directed by James Price. Cast: Niki Angus-Campbell, Robin Kristoffy, Karl Mercer and Lewis Newman.

Above: Robin Kristoffy, Niki Angus-Campbell, Lewis Newman and Karl Mercer. Photography by Patricia Oliveira.

A civil liberties organisation in the 1970s is being paid a visit by Colin, a man who wants his own controversial cause to be championed by the group, causing a split in the organisation.

Above: Niki Angus-Campbell as Charlotte. Above: Lewis Newman as Colin.Above: Karl Mercer as Julian.