Kibo Productions, Barons Court Theatre, London, September 2013. A festival of new writing in response to Russian Article 6.21 and other human rights concerns worldwide.

Love, Hate and Human Rights
Don't Ask Don't Tell 2

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Directed by Victor Correia. Cast: Adam Colborne, Mischa Resnick.

Don't Ask Don't Tell 1

A fictional dramatisation of US army intelligence whistle-blower Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning’s last time on American soil in 2010, shortly before returning to Iraq and being arrested for leaking documents to WikiLeaks. A one night stand turns into a terrifying interrogation. Previously performed at Theatre 503 in 2012, (see entry below).  “This play was deeply unnerving. Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning is on leave and, having been dumped by his boyfriend, is having a night of wild passion with Scott, someone he has just met…..The tone of the play then completely changes as Scott reveals he is from the army, that he has been tracking Bradley all along, and now Bradley will pay for his disloyalty……This play shone a light on the very high price that some individuals have to pay merely for attempting to tell the truth.” Vada Magazine.