With Helen Bauer


Edit”Equality & Diversity”

Equality and Diversity.

An 8-part comedy web series ‘Equality and Diversity‘ which originally aired on YouTube in Summer 2014 about life working in the Equality and Diversity department for a major broadcasting association.

Written by Helen Bauer and Michael Ross.


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(in order of appearance)
Bryony Ditty – Helen Bauer
Poppy – Louise Bastock
Charlie – Adam Colborne
Office Worker 1 – Lewis Shaw
Office Worker 2 – Madeleine Stollery
Hugo – Edward Yelland
Clive – James Price
Mr. Ditty – Arthur Smith
Waitress – Frances Stanfield
Martin – Brett Goldstein
Mum – Paulina Klappetek
Dad – Kerlous Sidhom
Baby – Maya
Father 1 – Adam Woolard
Father 2 – Theo Marlow
Matthew – Cameron Slater
Journalist on Street – Liis Miik
Newsnight Journalist – Joe Dennis
Newsnight Cameraman – Harrison Parker
Paxman Voice – Ben Whitehead
Signer – Thomas Simper

Director of Photography – Harrison Parker
Second Cameras – Isaac Whittingham and Charlotte Speechley

1st Assistant Director- Lotti Brewer-Gmoser
Sound Recorder – Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray
Boom Operator – Daniel Rands
Art Department – Lewis Shaw and Frances Stanfield
Sound Editor – Philippa Edwards

Written and Directed by Helen Bauer and Michael Ross

Special thanks to
Kino Design, Andy Stanfield and Andrew Bignell
Faye Hughes and Anna Thomas
and Trinity Stores

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