Arcola Theatre, London, February 2013. Part of ‘The Miniaturists 39.’

Armed Forces Day Arcola 1

(Robin Crouch as Soldier, Arcola.)

Directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou.

Cast: Robin Crouch, Tony Bell, Kate Collison, Jessica Sichel.

“What do you think soldiers do? Huh? Do you imagine we’re just gentlemen playing cricket out in the desert? What are you so shocked about? I mean, come on, even if you don’t agree with what I did, you have to admire my courage, right? My fortitude, right? Right?”

(Below; Jessica Sichel as Poppy and Tony Bell as Douglas, Arcola)

Armed Forces Day Arcola 3
Armed Forces Day Arcola 2

Present day Britain. A soldier gets on a train and sits down with a middle class couple and their teenage daughter. But why is there blood on the soldier’s uniform? And why isn’t the train moving? A dark satire on our unquestioning admiration for the armed forces.     

Also performed at Riverside Studios for the Off Cut Festival, October 2012, directed by Ng Choon Ping, with James Unsworth, Zara Radford, Darrie Gardner and John Hoye.