Royalty Free Short Plays For The Cash Strapped!

If you want to put on a short play but have no money or are a student then here are three short plays that can be put on free of charge.We only ask that you put ‘Written by Michael Ross’ on the poster and publicity materials. And tell us about it, we’d love to come and watch!


“I think Izzy challenges our very notions of what it is to be human. I think Izzy, in a way, disproves the whole concept of being ‘human’ and the arbitrary distinction we draw between ourselves and other animals.”

Zoe and Simon have had a baby. But their daughter Izzy isn’t entirely what they expected. A darkly comic play exploring the limits of parental love.

‘Rats Nests’ tells the story of a couple, Victoria and Edward, told backwards over 50 years or so, beginning in the present day with the two as tramps, and going back in time, showing their changing relationship to property- as homeless, property developers, first time buyers, prisoners, illegal squatters, and finally as students living away from home for the first time.