Short play version performed as part of ‘A Bad Case of the Mondays’ at the Park Theatre, January 2014. Directed by Cat Robey. Cast: Antonia Reid and Gemma Rook. Full length play version first performed as a rehearsed reading at RADA in August 2014, directed by Chipo Chung.

work makes you free image

“The first play, Work Makes You Free, related the case of a young actress forced to work for free at Poundland to keep her benefits. Her opponent is a cold businesswoman who finds herself enchanted by the power she gets from anonymously bullying the actress online….The play was well structured and had a good balance between the two characters, and though the dominant tone was comedy, it also had a dark side. This was the best of the seven pieces.” Everything Theatre

“Here’s a writer who’s not afraid to poke some fun at his own world. Refreshing!” Hackney Hive

“…by far the strongest piece, opening the night and warming up the audience for all the plays to follow. Initially there is little to connect laid-back actor Willow (Antonia Reid) and businesswoman Jane (Gemma Rook), but as Ross begins to weave their monologues together, there is a satisfying explosion.” Views From The Gods