The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London, October 2013. A Paradigm production.

The Utility People Collage

Directed by Cat Robey. Cast: Theo Ancient, Oliver Gatz, Matt Houlihan, Antonia Reid and Sarah Winn.

Middle class liberals Chloe and Jake are shocked when they discover some immigrants living inside their utility cupboard, but they decide to let them stay in return for doing a few errands around the flat. But before long, things spiral out of control. Join UK Home Office official Richard Winstanley as he recounts a shocking true story (and not-at-all a ham-fisted allegory) from the government’s case files.

Utility People 2
Utility People 19
Utility People 7
Utility People 22

“You are left questioning not only your own values and your notion of yourself as a good person, but also the future of Britain itself.” Last Minute Theatre Tickets.

“The Utility People’ was comedy gold. A fiendishly sardonic look at guardianista gentrified armchair socialists…a tragicomedy that clearly forces us to re-evaluate our smugness about our beliefs and morality and what our convictions make of us. So it doesn’t sit and preach at us, but complicates things through comedy with a sharp edge to it.” Hackney Hive.

“Michael Ross’ script is pared and articulate….a doubly clever exposition of the wafer thin pretences of Champagne Socialism” What’s On London.

“A very deserving play, well structured, rehearsed and it definitely had me thinking about the privilege associated with my British passport.” Frost Magazine.

“It makes the audience question their political stance before they even realise they are doing it.” The Public Reviews.